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Brand Culture
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Brand Culture Maruishi,From century international brand in 1894 in Yokohama, Japan;

Maruishi,Internationally renowned brands lead the world lightweight bike trend;

Maruishi,Joint effort to build a new brand in the world's largest bicycle manufacturers Fushida;

Maruishi,Green Life green as advocated low-carbon, health, environmental protection;

Maruishi,Elderly people with a profound, group of rookie forge ahead, full of happiness, the passion and the dream of space, one does not regret the choice;

Brand spirit: a century Inheritance , won at the starting point

Brand mission: to let everyone around the world a happy cycle life

Brand attributes: dreams, passion, happiness, security

Brand philosophy: quality, taste, character

Quality in exchange for the customer, the taste lead customers, integrity to win customers

Brand slogan: to meet customer wishes, to exceed customer value

Business purposes: Good faith based on the world, customer first, innovation seeking, the pursuit of quality

The brand positioning Maruishi in the high-end crowd, and aims to lead the trend of the times cycling. Bike adhering Maruishi Japan rigorous, pragmatic work ethic while incorporating flexible, inclusive of the wind to create a new, convenient, happy lifestyle fashion group advocating low-carbon, health, environmental protection.

The "dream, passion, happiness, security is the main brand attributes.

As a withstand centuries baptism elite group of maruishi, she represents an attitude toward life, represents a kind of pop culture, but also a status and symbol of taste.Maruishi constantly updated technical characteristics, a more flexible interpretation of the way to expand cycling fun,Free personality and passionate cycling world and healthy fashion an integral part of your life, will continue to lead the refreshing fashion features and consumer trends.