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Tianjin Maruishi Bicycle Co., LTD., located in Zhongtang Industrial Park of Tianjin – a beautiful coastal city, is a large bicycle manufacturer relying on MARUISHI – a well-known international brand and an important complete bicycle supplier in the international medium- and high-end bicycle field. Our company was established on December 31, 2008. Now we have more than 1,000 employees, cover an area of 130-plus mu, and own 24,000 square meters of workshops. After eight years of leap-forward development, Asec has developed into a professional complete bicycle manufacturer integrating R&D, production, marketing and service into a whole.


Asec is committed to creating the most influential bicycle brand. By adhering to the hundred years of production technology and brand deposits of “Japan MARUISHI” and combining Chinese modern cultural elements, we have established a new “MARUISHI” product system, won a place in the international market where competition is fierce, and become one of China’s bicycle manufacturers with good export efficiency.


In 2011, Asec officially stimulated the domestic market according to the company’s strategy.


In a business policy of “Integrity Oriented, Customer First, Innovation & Pragmatism, Pursuit of Quality”, we strive to fulfill MARUISHI people’s commitment: first-class products, first-class service, and first-class enjoyment with a high degree of enthusiasm and a strong sense of social responsibility.


MARUISHI brand targeted at high- and medium-end populations is intended to lead the trend of bicycles in the current times. MARUISHI bicycles uphold Japanese people’s rigorous and pragmatic work concept and combine China’s flexible and tolerant style at the same time, creating a new, convenient and happy life style for fashion people advocating low-carbon, healthy and environmentally-friendly.


“Dream, Passion, Happiness, Safety” are its main brand attributes. 


As an elite team having undergone a hundred years of baptism, MARUISHI represents an attitude toward life, a popular culture, but more status and taste. MARUISHI updates its technology features constantly, expands funs of bicycles with more flexible interpretation ways, combines the bicycle world full of individualism and passion with healthy and stylish life and continues to lead the refreshing characteristics of fashion and consumer trends.