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The model of beauty, -- to ride!

The model of beauty, -- to ride!

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To ride a bike on muscle influence, girls most concern is to shape influence, now see if what can be affected it.

To ride a bike on muscle influence, girls most concern is to shape influence, now see if what can be affected it.

In fact, sports is the human body muscle way of working, the influence of the shape of the essence of the problem is in the form of muscle. Sports can change muscle form, that's for sure, but what kind of games on muscle produce what kind of impact, the impact of the effect on muscle form will produce what influence does.

Here we won't talk about, muscle classification problem, single from the morphological point of view, the object shape rules change, can have four types, lengthen, shorten, coarsening, slim.

Because for every muscle speaking, it has its fixed terminal, the terminal is located in the bone. Muscle different terminal is different, so in this sense, the muscles grow longer shorten, for a mature individual speaking is impossible, as for the movement of muscle contraction, is in fact the muscle of the relative sliding between silk, it involves a muscle silk planing theory, is the muscle work form for most people accepted theory, but still only conjecture, specific muscles work at present in the essence of physiology research is needed, but this point has not form in muscle.

No change of length, only weight difference, muscle necking in general is unlikely, unless it is a part of the muscle movement for a long time in the muscle atrophy, actually also belongs to the sick, you can observe paralysis of the lower limbs of patients, the lower limb due to long not movement, it is very fine, muscle atrophy most have, another is the muscle coarsening, which in essence is a muscle silk cross sectional area increase, are generally muscle under load and adapt to the load generated after a reaction, the reaction is muscle against load ability increases, can be attributed to the coarsening of muscle is increasing load adaptation effect, so for healthy people although looks muscle only coarsening this kind of change form, but this kind of form is in meet the certain conditions will produce.

From the training to learn speaking, the muscle give rough condition is in the big strength load of repeated practice, the effect can increase the body's resistance against the biggest ability, increase the maximum resistance against the endurance, but the speed will increase with the resistance and slow down.

For most of the project will tell, movement speed is vital, so in general training used more with speed as the core, take into account the strength training methods, its practice method is rapid, overcome big strength load practice, practice the number of times few, generally in the limit or limit load and resistance against the practice only do it once or twice, this kind of practice, can increase the resistance to overcome the rapid muscle power, and can increase muscle absolute power, and muscle will not increase coarse.

From the muscle work performance speed point of view, when the muscle to overcome resistance is smaller, its movement speed faster, the greater the resistance, the speed of the muscle work also will be lower, and it should be easy to understand.

For cycling speaking, itself does not exist applied load, muscle movement is always keep in a certain speed, also is the frequency of the cadence, muscle can keep certain frequency itself shows that muscle under load is a kind of muscle has to adapt to the load, to have to adapt to the load, muscle form will not therefore affected, even in can't keep cadence frequency, the amount of work that muscles can understand a their own weight for load movement form, this kind of sports load is also to the human body the load range, not on muscle morphogenesis influence.

From the specific training practice speaking, for young athletes training, generally not too early to its power quality have requirements, but in order to make the power level does not become the results from the shackles of growth will arrange certain strength training, but this kind of training is commonly with its own weight for load, not applied load. This kind of strength training more the purpose is to increase its each muscle group coordination ability, for the following movement techniques of preparation.

In fact to give an example, everyone should have experience, is aerobics, as a popular fitness entertainment sports, very popular with girls. In fact the favour of aerobics itself is a in their own weight to load a motion form, ShangXiaZhi jumps or support action is to their own weight for load form, or in their own weight adding very light load, such as dumbbell and so on small load equipment, will not bring you any burden, will not affect velocity, the training objectives can be divided into two parts, one is to increase body aerobic work ability, this one point behind detailed mentioned, another point is to increase the muscle group between the coordination ability, this point is and the period of youth to the basis of the purpose of quality training is the same.

Wrote so many, in fact, summarized up to the word, and that is: strength training can lead to muscle increase coarse, but on muscle strength stimulus must be a increasing load, single will ride a bike, ride a bike for and not a pyramid load form, so that the movement does not make the coarsening muscle,

Above all that is power load category, here there is little that is endurance performance to the influence of the muscle, front we have already said, low load movement does not make the coarsening muscles, and endurance sports is a kind of long time of low load movement, according to the motion of human body energy supply system to differentiate, called aerobic endurance sports, if only from the morphological point of view, not has any effect on muscle, from the physical point of view, endurance sports can make muscle cell mitochondria increased, aerobic muscle ability to work longer, since endurance sports won't make muscle morphological change, and ride a bike and does not involve strength training factors, what's that in the changes in the body?

In fact the word model body movement, should be a lot of people have heard, the model body essentially means that exercise on body fat distribution effect and not to say that the muscles form change, the human body fat is mainly distributed in the subcutaneous, and every body spoils device between, human body of the external performance, to a large extent is embodied in fat distribution, it is simply a method, you can use the thumb and forefinger fingertip distance 3 cm, literally in the body of any one place tighten the parts of the muscle, to light the pinch on the surface of the skin, see the pinch of the thickness of the skin to judge, this part of the fat layer, the anthropometry is called skin fold thickness is the most simple method, a kind of fat that a method of credibility, but also is the lowest.

After the correct suitable sport later, you will find, in fact is fat distribution in change, and not muscles form changed, after movement to burn fat, fat layer thin, good fat percentage will make the body will be more slender, achieve strong and handsome figure, of course, for the purpose of the figure is too thin, still need a certain strength training to achieve the purpose of that muscle plump, but this kind of strength training to targeted to moderate, the correct implementation of the methods to achieve purpose.

The what kind of motion can be the most rapid burn fat?

Simply speaking, fat consumption for the purpose of movement, it is to choose fat for energy the motion of matter, for the characteristics of the fat, fat function for slow, oxygen consumption is high, has also decided the, aerobics way of working, it is the best way to burn fat.

What is the aerobics? And its essence is a little strength, long time continuous movement, accord with the nature of the movement has a lot of, such as: long, long, long bicycle skating, skiing, etc., as long as it is a continuous long time movement is aerobics.

Aerobics is also called aerobic body building exercise, basically is in intensity is small, there are persistent characteristics, but this is only for fitness aerobics in category. For competitive aerobics is belong to a hybrid energy project, the aerobic component is already very few, for now the society some aerobics fitness club, in fact I feel some operating teach of strength or biased, but it also can't blame teach operating teacher, now the country that made a few sets of aerobics instructor test content is almost of the competitive aerobics in simplified, jumping after sweat is out, but for the role of fat consumption is very few, regarding the front said aerobics fitness for two of the role, the role of fat reducing some weakened, but improve body coordination effect, or good

General to say, if only from the bike to the terms of the influence of body, worry about muscle will thicken undoubtedly is redundant, cycling defatting effect is really very good, if one is fat reducing this function for, ride a bike rather than absolute aerobics, not only because of the long time cycling is low load movement, and cycling stability, easy to control strength, this is aerobics can match, but the problem is that bike is because too regularity, the muscles are more limited, to improve muscle coordination between's not working, from health point of view, recommend everybody to participate in some all kinds of sports, can make the body get comprehensive exercise.

The girls very worry about got answer ha, hope to be able to help you know movement way, then rest assured it, and hope that riding bicycle sports bring you health and happiness!