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Why travel by bicycle?

Why travel by bicycle?

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Cycling is a fair sport that brings happiness to all people, including anyone of any age and ability.

 Why travel by bicycle

Cycling is a fair sport that brings happiness to all people, including anyone of any age and ability.

Every year, along the long roads in China, you can often see many travelers who travel by bicycle. They come from different places, speak different languages, and have different beliefs. They ride from the other end of the journey and pursue their own. direction. And record the moving text and pictures.

Modern social transportation is developed, aircraft trains, cars. Traffic extends in all directions. Why travel by bike? Why do you suffer so much, why do you have to wind up the sun? Exercise? Is it the test of perseverance? Is it a talk to increase the table? Looking at the scenery? Taste local cuisine?

If you travel by plane, train or car, the goal of the trip is to point, then the bicycle trip is the line, the bicycle trip will feel more travel fun, and more truly appreciate the magnificent scenery. A more detailed experience of the local customs.

Some people think this is an experience experience. A mood, a life attitude or a pursuit of life.

Like the feeling on the road, this is the most pristine expression of every bike traveler. Riding on the road where you can't see your head. Free riding, want to stop and stop. I want to go and leave. Going forward toward the goal. Don't care about the end of the trip, care about the scenery along the way and the mood to enjoy the scenery. This is a way of traveling completely integrated into nature, the most authentic feeling of freedom.

Although tired, but very happy and free. The free world is free and loves the feeling of being exiled in nature. Feel free to ride without a bunch. Record the most memorable experience of life. Learn to cherish your friends and learn to work together. Feeling the true meaning of life, we are full of infinite aspirations and motivation for life. Cherish the bits and pieces of the journey. At the end of the national road, between the snow-capped mountains, the sky is the bed, the vast starry sky, the desert next door, the side of the South China Sea is full of bicycle friends.

Young friends need to go through the experience. You can continue to feel and comprehend during the cycling journey. Only by personally feeling the hardships and pains can we realize happiness and happiness more truly. A hard travel experience is a precious asset in life. Every experience will give people a spiritual sublimation. Understand how to face difficulties calmly and how to overcome difficulties with strong perseverance.

Bicycle travel is the best way to achieve self. You can find speed, energy, passion, independence, cooperation, and beauty on a bicycle trip.

Just do it A bicycle, a bag, plus a happy mood, ready, go on the road, friends.

Kunming Guoxia

In addition to the people around you asking, why choose cycling?

Why do you have to travel long distances?

Why is there such a strong perseverance and firm belief?

Why are you so persistently pursuing?

I sometimes ask myself,

Is it because you play bicycles like other riders who ride a bicycle worth 10,000 yuan, such as audio-visual enthusiasts who pursue audio-visual effects?

Is it because of the short-term escape from the yin and yang?

Is it because of the hardships of loneliness and helplessness in the wilderness?

Is it because of the gratification and joy of getting the charcoal in the cold reinforced concrete city?

Is it because you want to experience the wind and do your best but still look like a snail?

Is it because of the pleasure of being lost in the mountains like a cloud?

Is it because you want to enjoy the burning pain after peeling?

Is it because you want to appreciate the white feet of the hairy trotters after a storm?

Is it because when you are hungry, no matter how good or bad the food is, clean up the potatoes or oranges?

Is it because you want to hone your body and mind in the difficult obstacles of cycling?


Is it because of beliefs and dreams?


Or because in this way, I look back and walk behind me.


Looking at the road ahead of the unknown.


Such as Qu Yuan's famous saying: "The road is long and it's a long way to go, I will go up and down."


I don't know how to justify it, maybe I can find the correct and reasonable answer from the lines below!




Those who ride bicycles in the blue sky and white clouds every day, only know how tired and breathless, the fresh air in the wild, stop and let the limbs softly embrace the earth, how simple and happy, completely forget how complicated and tired people are, just like Just like a playful fish. . We are so simple, a simple creature between heaven and earth.. Ride your own journey, feel your own excitement. Forget everything in life, only know that the rut under your feet must step on, and then step on, It is like a lonely wolf in the Gobi, preying on food, and preying on it. Enjoy the most original and sincere impulse of life. Enjoy the simplest and most serene purity of life. Enjoy your life.just so so.




Cycling is the grinding wheel that hones the will; riding is the viewing angle of the viewing; riding is a leisure harbor; riding is the gym of the human body; riding is a mobile school; riding is the channel for making friends; . . .




That is a dream of myself, just like a question often asked by mountaineers why climbing? Because the mountain is there, I feel that cycling can make my heart, always young, do not want anything on the road, wash my own soul, come back very comfortable, very calm




Very simple, in order to understand the world. Carry the bag alone and walk through the various nouns in the geography book to experience the essence of life. We passed by the mountains, passed by the lake, passed the forest, we passed the desert, passed the people's castles and gardens, we passed by happiness, passed the pain, passed the warmth and tears of a woman, passed through the endless cold and loneliness of life. Silent all these years.




Because we are young, we are persistent; because we have dreams, we must constantly go beyond; we are a group of people who love life, a group of people who dare to explore, a group of people who are persistent in pursuing their dreams, a group of people who are as innocent and lovely as children. . This is us: the knight on the bike!


Urban tour


Riding is lonely. In my lonely travel, I learned to think and examine, found feelings and feelings, and appreciated the beauty of loneliness and tranquility. More importantly, I realized life and know myself in loneliness. Grasping the self and discovering the inner core of life and the true meaning of human beings, it creates a kind of confidence and strength that overlooks life and the world.


I love the beauty of loneliness, and I enjoy my own pleasure.


Flying bear double


The beauty of riding, only the practitioners who can really invest and be able to integrate can truly understand. It is a kind of true beauty, but also a wild beauty, the beauty of return.


Bicycle travel is a more simple and natural outdoor sports fashion, it is light and pollution-free; it is convenient, you want to stop and stop, you will not pass the beauty; you can challenge difficulties and increase survival in the wild while traveling. Skills. And the feeling of blending into the earth, the beautiful enjoyment of the wind ------ the wind refers to the cheeks, the beauty is unfolding in front of the eyes, but also a road full of hardships, but more full of magic With the beautiful road, let everyone who walks through will leave an indelible memory in their minds.




Falling in love is like falling in love with someone who is connected to your heart.


She can give you peace and peace, make you happy and make you happy.


Can let you face and feel with the heart of the child.


And does this love need a reason?


Love loves nothing but deeper love. Nothing can heal love.


Fall in love with riding and fall in love with this feeling on the road.


That's it


Dq ink rain


Cycling is a close-up approach to nature, looking for a happy way; bicycle, travel, cycling, west


Cycling is a way of flying your own mind and finding your dreams.


Similarly, every ride is a challenge to your life!!


Looking for Apollo


Because of a person, fall in love with a car!


Riding is to walk the road he has traveled. Cycling is to see the long-awaited blue sky, white clouds, mountains, rivers, wildflowers on the roadside and those simple people.


Cycling is to stay away from the reinforced concrete city and return to nature. Cycling is to make more friends, see their lives, and experience their lives.


Cycling is to add a little color to the boring life, more experience, more memories, more joy. Bicycles, travel, cycling, and western riding are meant to find a strong self for the fragile ones.


Riding is to find Apollo!