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Bicycle shopping paradise - Hong Kong Flying Car Shop

Bicycle shopping paradise - Hong Kong Flying Car Shop

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If you mention Hong Kong, most people's impressions are "shopping paradise", and the characteristics of their duty-free port make their commodity prices and the mainland have price gaps. For cyclists, it is also a shopping paradise. However, when talking about buying bicycles in Hong Kong, 90% of the people should mention the name of flying ball in the first place.

If you mention Hong Kong, most people's impressions are "shopping paradise", and the characteristics of their duty-free port make their commodity prices and the mainland have price gaps. For cyclists, it is also a shopping paradise. However, when talking about buying bicycles in Hong Kong, 90% of the people should mention the name of flying ball in the first place. Yes, the flying bicycle line has won praises from its customers for its complete products, excellent quality and service. Xiaobian is not the first time to fly to fly shopping, remember the first time to fly the ball, just hit the taxi on the side of the road, as long as the name of the flying ball, the taxi driver will know, visible flying ball The familiarity in Hong Kong people's minds.

The Flying Bike is located on the ground floor of 478 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon. In Hong Kong, where the size of the car is about 200 square meters, it is arguably the largest bicycle shop in Hong Kong. Founded in 1940, mainly based on American brands, the products are very rich. The products sold are mainly in the domestic level. The advanced products, bicycles and accessories are all licensed. The whole vehicle of 10,000 yuan is very common in this shop. In fact, it does not mean that Hong Kong people have a lot of luxury in consumption. It is because Hong Kong people have high incomes, but their living standards are also very high. Therefore, even for the entry-level cars, their positioning is not less than HK$4,000.

Large flying ball posters that can be seen on the side of the road

The first step in the car shop is the ocean of bicycles, but the car is very neat, but it is very neatly placed.

British famous folding bike brand BROMPTON, domestic folding car lovers like to call it "small cloth", BROMPTON is very popular around the world, because its folding method is very special and fast, it can be standing and pushing after folding is also the brand One of the charms, BROMPTON has achieved great success in the field of urban commuter folding bikes. Xiaobian has also had it, and it is an "artifact" for the transportation of subways and other vehicles.

The main brand of the flying ball is also the world-famous Canon Dell. There are almost all models of the Canon Dell in the flying ball. The picture shows the Canon left-handed mountain bike of Canon Dell. According to Xiaobian, the "left-handed" series of mountains The car is very high in Hong Kong and is very popular among Hong Kong entertainment stars.

The picture on the left shows the AIRNIMAL Chameleon folding bike. AIRNIMAL is a British folding car brand. It is a relatively small brand, but its performance is one of the best in the folding car brand, because the brand uses a vertical folding method, and this The Chameleon uses a large wheel diameter of 451, and the actual performance is very good in the response of the riders. The picture on the right shows the BMX BMX from Canon Dell. These products are very rare on the mainland.

Showcase professional cycling trainers with Canon's SLICE Triathlon/TT

The picture on the left is the QUICK of Canon Dell. The picture on the right is the SL3 29er mountain bike. If it is in the domestic market, the positioning of these two cars may not be very good, but it is understood that the QUICK 6 in Hong Kong is a 700C city car. Has become the first choice for many white-collar workers, sales are very high. The big-name 29er entry XC mountain bike allows the public riders to experience the smooth cross-country off-road brought by the 29er, and can reflect the high quality of the big names.

This city car is very interesting. It is understood that the material used in the frame is graphite, the front wheel power generating drum, and the LED light in the frame. The translucent nature of graphite makes it dazzling light at night, which is very interesting. Other parts are also very interesting, such as bamboo fenders and wooden handles. The whole car is very textured, and the most important thing is that the price is close to that of other brands of city cars.

There is also a lady version

Exquisite wooden baby carriages, the bicycle culture in Hong Kong is more similar to that of developed countries. Conditional families are more inclined to purchase a good quality or even a big-name baby carriage for their children, so that they can cultivate sports interest for children. The reason why Hong Kong The performance in cycling is ahead of the mainland, and it is also an important factor to catch from the doll.

It is worth mentioning that the layout of the flying ball shop is carefully observed through small series, and the layout is scientific and reasonable. After the entry, it is divided into several large areas, and the right side is the whole vehicle and main parts, such as the frame and the front fork. The left side is divided into small areas. The first area is the maintenance service area, which is closest to the gate. This is done so that customers who push such large objects can enter the maintenance area at the first time without blocking the back. Customer. Then there is the personal parts and equipment area, which adopts the layout of the 8-shaped two-sided communication channel. The clerk only needs to stand in the middle of the store to observe the purchase situation of each customer and provide timely service. And the 8-shaped channel goods arrangement is also very particular, from the car clothing to the helmet and other protective products, each classification is very detailed. There are so many kinds of flying balls, and they can't be finished for a long time. This reasonable layout allows customers to find the products they like at the first time. The exquisite palletizing can also increase the customer's knowledge and understanding, thus enhancing the desire to shop.

On the left side of the entry, you can see the maintenance area. Look carefully, the tools here are not only complete, but also have a lot of customized tools. It will be very messy when you look at the past, but because of the professional touch, Xiaobian still finds the repair area. The tools are neatly arranged, and every part that is waiting for maintenance will have relevant labels. The most important thing is that the technician's quality is commendable, the used tools will be put back in place, and the fineness and rigor will be allowed. The small series of careful observations next to it is very shocking.

Small machine on one side, did you notice the phone on the wall? Repair service and in-store sales can be separated, this is the symbol of a successful car shop

Samples of cut-off sections of Canon Dell SUPER SIX high-end road vehicles and ZIPP carbon rings waiting to be repaired in the maintenance area. If the high-end maintenance area is equipped with these samples as a reference, it will be more convenient to repair and more convenient for customers.

Next to the pit lane is the personal parts area.

Flying ball is one of the agents of GIRO helmets

Even GIRO's various helmets are available from stock.

Exquisite car clothes

OAKLEY full line of cycling products

Cycling shoes and protective equipment

POLAR heart rate series

LEZYNE's full line of products

PARKTOOLS full line of products. In Hong Kong, because the labor cost is very high, many riders are willing to buy tools to go home and do it by hand. There are some incurable diseases that will go to the garage for repair.

Hidden in a corner cushion and handlebar area, British BROOKS various leather cushions

Notice the special seat bag? It is a seat cushion for ADAMO's iron three/TT. It is said that it can last longer in the prone position.