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Bicycle in Europe

Bicycle in Europe

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Bicycles have gradually become an important means of transportation for Europeans.

Bicycles have gradually become an important means of transportation for Europeans.

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" report, Italy's first bicycle sales after World War II exceeded the car sales. This is an important change for Italy, which is crazy for cars. Italy sold 1.75 million bikes in 2011, while car sales were 1.748 million. So what is the status of bicycles in other countries in Europe?

France: When the “Green Transportation Plan” is in progress

Paris, the capital of France, has embarked on a massive "two-round revolution" in the urban transportation system. At present, tens of thousands of bicycles have been launched in the city of Paris for residents and tourists to rent on their own to encourage cycling.

On July 15 this year, the Paris self-service bicycle service was officially launched, named: Vélib. It is a combination of the words "bicycle" and "freedom" in French, meaning "free travel." Ten thousand new silver-gray bicycles and 750 car rental service points have been opened, and the first day of rent has exceeded 50,000 times. It is planned that the bicycle will be increased to 20,000 vehicles and 1,500 service points in the near future. The average passenger can find at least one service point within 300 meters.

Bicycle rental is very low, but the fee encourages bicycles to be recycled quickly within the effective time. The first half hour of the car rental is completely free, the first half hour is paid 1 euro, the third half hour is 2 euros, and the fourth half hour is 4 euros. In fact, according to calculations, Parisians who often ride bicycles do not spend more than half an hour each time, plus car rental points throughout the city, then go to the next rental point within half an hour, and transfer to another bicycle. It is still free to use for the first half hour, so this service actually provides the citizens with a "free buffet".

Netherlands: Paradise for car lovers

In addition to the world-famous canal and red light district, Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, also has a special urban landscape, which is a bicycle family that can be seen everywhere on the street.

The Netherlands is called the bicycle kingdom, where there are more bicycles than people. The 16 million Dutch people have a total of 18 million bicycles. No matter the men and women, the rich and the poor, the rich and the poor, they can see the scenery of their bicycles. Even the royal family members join the ranks of the bicycles.

The tradition of cycling in the Netherlands has been around for a long time. As early as twenty or thirty years ago, as a substitute for cars, bicycles were very popular among the people of the country, because many people think that cars are too expensive and they need to pay attention to environmental coordination issues when the terrain is below sea level. In the country, it seems a bit wasteful to use a car. Therefore, the Dutch government strongly advocates people to use bicycles as a means of transportation.

After years of unremitting efforts, the Netherlands has world-class bicycle hardware “hardware”. The 15,000-kilometer bicycle lane is not only spread over urban and rural areas, but also connects many tourist attractions. Cycling on the Dutch country bike path, the scenery is beautiful and the air is fresh, which is a special enjoyment. Many Dutch people like to ride out on vacation and even travel long distances. On the Dutch highway, you can often see a few bicycles on the rear of the car or on the roof of the car. Every time the driver arrives, he stops the car, rides the bicycle to travel around the area, and then drives to the next destination. Ground.

The Dutch government attaches great importance to keeping the bicycle lanes unobstructed. In urban planning, road facilities cannot cut off the main bicycle lanes, and urban construction cannot cause inconvenience to bicycle traffic. The bicycle lane is easy to identify, with a large white bicycle pattern on the ground and a red-and-white direction sign next to the driveway. If it is a dedicated lane that is completely separate from the motorway, there is a circular sign on the roadside with a white bicycle on the blue. On the country bike path, you can often see the unique mushroom-shaped bicycle road markings in the Netherlands. The monuments indicate the current location, the direction of the nearby towns and the distance between them. With this kind of road sign, you don't have to worry about getting lost while riding alone.

In addition to bicycle lanes, the government also focuses on providing a variety of services that cyclists may need. Generally, there are parking lots outside large public places, shopping malls, scenic spots, etc. It is very convenient to park bicycles. On the contrary, parking spaces for motor vehicles in Dutch cities are not only scarce, but the charges are extremely high. In the Netherlands, bicycle rentals can be seen everywhere, and you can rent a car by presenting your ID and paying a deposit. Some also rent children's bicycles and children's chairs, and have simple repair tools.

Germany: cycling is the most popular

In the past 10 years, Germany has sold an average of 1 million bicycles per year, about 70 million bicycles and 4,000 bicycles nationwide. More than 50% of German residents say cycling is one of their favorite leisure activities. ADFC is the largest cycling club in Germany with a membership of 110,000. Whether it's cycling, fast cycling, or cycling to the suburbs, even going further afield is popular with German residents, and cycling is also a great leisure activity for Germans.

German residents think that cycling to other countries can learn more about the customs and customs, which is totally different from taking public transport or driving. Traveling by bike can see more things, learn more things, and make people feel very happy.